Arizona one of handful of states at risk of extreme water stress as global temperatures rise, new study finds

“A handful of US states – including New Mexico and California – are facing significant strains on their water supplies that will only intensify with global heating, according to new rankings,” the Guardian reported this week.

New Mexico tops the list and is the only state with “extremely high” pressures on its water availability. The state’s score is on par with the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East and Eritrea in Africa, the World Resources Institute (WRI) found. California ranks second, followed by Arizona, Colorado and Nebraska.

‘We’re stretching our water supply pretty much as far as it can go…and even further,’ said Leah Schleifer, a spokeswoman for WRI’s water program.

Experts with WRI said the data shows a global water crisis.

‘The picture is alarming in many places around the globe, but it’s very important to note that water stress is not destiny,’ said Betsy Otto, WRI’s global water director. ‘What we can’t afford to do any longer is pretend that the situation will resolve itself.’”

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